About Us

Steelbuild® is a metalworking services company dedicated to the construction of metal structures.

Established in 2015, counts with a high organization level, as well as with the acumulated experience of its technical staff  to provide the best services.

The company core business is the metal construction, with a great focus on the assembly of metal structures and facade and roof cladding.

Steelbuild® aims to be recognised all over the metal construction market by its competence, rigour and to overcome ourselves constantily in all the projects we are involve in.

Mission and Values

Steelbuild® privileges, with customers and suppliers, a relationship based on mutual respect, trust, transparency and cooperation, combined with passion, ambition and rigor.

We believe that our growth and development is also the growth and development of our partners, with this purpose we offer you all the knowledge, experience and commitment, in order to create added value for all stakeholders.

Our mission is to meet the needs of our partners, offering the best metalworking services, through a commercial relationship based on professionalism and efficiency, in order to promote sustainable business development and growth in the value chain.

Steelbuild® wants to be the great reference partner in the metalworking services market in the field of metal structures.


We have professional teams, highly specialized and experienced in the assembly of any kind of steel structures, as well as in the assembly of any type of cladding, roof or façade.
  • * Public Projects & Infrastructures 
  • * Bridges  
  • * Commercial & Industrial Units
  • * Offices & Service Units 
  • * Habitation & Tourism Buildings  
  • * Building Rehabilitation
  • * Naval Industry


Notre expérience. Notre présence: Portugal, Espagne, France, Principauté de Monaco, Allemagne, Reino Unido, Maroc, Angola, Brésil, Venezuela.

En Europe - Un futur exigeant et consolidé.

En Afrique - Un défi grandissant

En Amérique du Sud - Un nouveau futur

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